Experience & Equipment

How many years have you been in business?    
Over 12 Years

Approximately how many weddings have you serviced?   
Over 450 (but we do our best to make each client feel like our only one ;)

What style of photography do you provide?     
A Wide Variety:  Traditional, Details, Artistic, Candid, Photojournalism, and fun shots that reflect personality!
What type of camera equipment do you use?        
Most of us shoot Canon, but we have a couple Nikon shooters

Do you use the latest cameras?          
Yes, we update our cameras frequently.  We rotate our cameras so the main cameras are the latest and older cameras are back-ups.  We currently have 7 cameras, 4 of which are used regularly and 3 that are back-ups.
How many cameras are typically used at the wedding?    
1 photographer: 2;    2 photographers:  3-4
 Do you have back-up equipment?         
Yes, we have back-up cameras, flash, lights, media cards, batteries, etc.
 Do you have a variety of lenses?         
I don't believe I've had a client actually ask me this question, but it becomes a very important question when you know someone who hired a photographer with only one lens (who stood in front of the bide and groom the entire ceremony so no one else could even see). It is vital that a professional photography invest in the proper equipment to do their job in a way that will not intrude on the couple themselves or their guests. We have wide-angle lenses to capture the overall story and a telephoto lens to zoom into specific details (like just the hands as the rings are placed) or to capture a tear on the groom's face as he first looks at his bride. We have lenses that can capture an entire room or reach across a room to capture a candid laugh or hug. We also have artistic lenses like a fish-eye lens. We find that it is important to offer variety in every area of our business from the images we capture, the equipment we use, to the products that we provide.

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