Important Questions

What sets you apart from your competitors?    
 After 12+ years in business, there’s a lot but here are the highlights:
  • Male/Female teams
  • Award Winning Photography     
  • Building Personal Relationships with Our Clients  
  • Customizing our Services
  • Through Planning Meetings (this is a BIG one) 
  • Being Creative instead of Copying Others   
  • Putting our Clients Needs First 
  • Being Industry Leaders    
  • Having Faithful Clients we Service Regularly   
  • Client Referrals
How many images do you typically capture at a wedding?   
That will obviously vary depending on a variety of factors but here are averages for 7+ hours:     
1 photographer 1500+
2 photographers 2500+
2 photographers all day 4000+
What format are the original images typically?       
We usually shoot RAW so we have the largest files possible. Our most recent camera shoots 50.6 megapixel images in JPG format so we often set that one to large JPG. Some software companies are still working on updating their systems to be able to handle these huge files.
When are the proofs available?          
Typically within a week of the wedding, usually the gallery starts loading within just a few days
Do you back-up the images?           
Yes, we keep multiple copies of the originals on different drives

How long do you keep the images?         
We intend to keep all our images.  We just keep buying new hard drives :)
(This does not serve as a guarantee your images will always be available)

Are there hidden fees with your packages?     
No, we do not charge extra for standard editing or up to 3 album revisions. (up to 3).
Do you offer full-res images with copyrights?    
Yes, all packages include high-res files with copyrights
Can I select my own pictures for the album?     
Yes, clients can create a favorites list, compare images, and order albums in our online gallery.  We also offer image selection service for a small fee.

Am I able to proof my album design?        
Yes, you can review your design, request revisions, and approve your design in our online system

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