Tidbits of Advice

   Obviously, it’s important that you have a good understanding of packages/options/pricing, but if that’s the only thing you evaluate in making your decision, you’re making a HUGE mistake.  We’ve heard countless horror stories of brides that end up with no photos (or terrible photos) because they tried to cut corners with their photography.   In fact, recently married couples say the biggest mistake they made was shopping based on price vs. what they really wanted.  Their biggest regret?  Shockingly, they said they regretted not spending more to get what they really wanted.
   By talking with the photographer, you can usually also get a feel for weather they will be “running the show” and expecting things to be done their way, or they are a photographer who is truly interested in what YOU want, and doing everything they can to make sure that your day flows in the way that you had in mind. 
   It’s a good idea to ask to view images from an entire wedding.  Anyone can take a couple of good photos here & there to showcase.  Only a true photographer can deliver consistently beautiful images throughout the entire day. 
   Start your search early.  It’s never too early to book the perfect photographer.  We sometimes book weddings 18 months or more in advance.  If you want your pick of the best, you have to start early.  If you put off your decision, you will end up with everyone else’s leftovers.

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